Hi, We’re Peck.

We want to formally introduce ourselves to all of you. We’re so glad you found our blog – welcome!

Check back here every week for updates on everything we’ve got going on here, there and everywhere. We’re so excited to engage with you on this platform.

We’re Peck, Inc. In plain terms, we’re a simple publishing and hosting service for conversational Voice applications.

Funnily enough, we’re like WordPress, but for Voice.

Voice is the future of the web. Voice activation is usurping the previously held status of typed commands by way of a smart phone as the easiest way to access everything on the internet.

It’s an emerging frontier, opening countless doors for marketing, advertising, brand access and communication.

Every brand, service, company and app will need access to a Voice-activated channel of communication with current and potential customers.

As people habituate the convenience of voice-activated technology more and more, brand accessibility through Voice will become more crucial to staying ahead of the curve and maximizing potential income.

That’s where we come in. We want to make your brand accessible through Voice, and help you stay ahead of everything Voice technology has to offer.

It’s a fast moving technology, so let us do the leg work while you plug in your brand’s genius and open the door to an ever-expanding channel of communication.

We’re so excited to bring you all sorts of content on this platform – including Voice in the news, Peck company updates, product tutorials and much more. We also have a Speakable-specific blog available here: https://blog.speakable.info/, so come visit us there as well!

To access everything Peck has to offer – visit our website at https://peck.me/ and let’s plan your first step into the great, wide world of Voice-activation.

We’re a simple publishing and hosting service for conversational Voice applications.


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