Alexa’s Progress? Evidence shows the contrary.

With Alexa-2019’s release numerous outlets were boasting its new and improved knowledge base coming from its integration with the Wolfram Alpha knowledge engine.

Alexa was getting better, smarter, and following its promising trajectory of spearheading, alongside the Google Home, the digital movement towards voice assistants.

However, with time many discovered that while knowledge and helpful facts and figures were gained in this upgrade, some of its brain power was, surprisingly, also lost.

As the speaker learned more, it lost facts that it previously knew.

As this article from points out, while the new Alexa boasted a 7% increase in correct answers from the previous model, some answers it previously knew were now unknown.

What does this mean exactly? Hard to say.

One could argue that in order to make room for newer, more useful information the operating system cleaned house of questions and answers that fewer people asked for or care about the first time around.

Perhaps it’s simply a flaw in the programmatic design that will be worked out with time and more testing.

Regardless, it points to a key reality check we in the tech world must have when it comes to what we expect and demand from annual upgrades.

We promise the world to consumers – demand the best from these products and a continual speed of growth that transcends anything previously thought possible.

The more interesting point of discussion in this instance may also be, yet again, the feeling of humanness one gets from this revelation.

As the speaker upgraded, grew up and learned more information – so faded away knowledge that was deemed useless either by the design of the program or by happenstance.

As we, as living and breathing beings grow up, the same happens to us.

Was this a failure on behalf of the system design? Or a happy coincidence that yet again points to the alignment between human and machine this voice assistant revolution continues to bring to the forefront of our minds?

Do we even need the answers lost in the Alexa upgrade or, like your 3rd grade recorder lessons or memorization of the periodic table, with lack of use is it rightfully fading into the background? We’ll let you decide.

At Peck, we believe that future upgrades will happen from the data layer, the spot where the information is sourced. We believe that is the future of the web.

The information is out. It just needs formatting to make it accessible, which is precisely what our suite of services is designed to do!

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