Shopping on a smart speaker? It’s a millennial thing…

Shopping using a smart speaker has not caught on as quickly as using it for news or music. Users had concerns about how well the voice assistant could understand a request. No one wants to voice an order for some juicy steaks only to have a box of garden steaks arrive the next day. So while shopping on a smart speaker was previously viewed as something consumers avoided, a recent study shows that the tide may be turning.

According to a recent article published in, 45% of millennials are using smart speakers to make simple purchases online as the technology advances and the ease of use sinks in.

As the technology inevitably continues to improve, more complicated and increasingly multi-step orders will be feasibly over voice.

Perhaps soon the utopian ideas of technology that can do everything from clean your house to pick up your dry cleaning for you just from a simple request won’t be a thing of science fiction dreams but actual reality.

Perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but perhaps not…

As this technology gets smarter, brands being able to master its usage and make their products and services available through it will be increasingly important. Companies that want to participate in voice commerce better make sure voice assistants know about their products and how to sell them.

As well, this article also brings to light the critical role that young people play in the adoption of this type of technology into all age groups in society.

Young people who have grown up surrounded by technology speak its language and therefore have the minds to adapt to newer modalities like the smart speaker.

The more they use it, show it to their older relatives as well as make it commonplace for their own offspring, the more it will get adopted on a larger and larger scale.

This shows the critical role that those in their 20’s and early 30’s play, and subsequently how vital it is for brands to consider this when using smart speakers to market to audiences.

In terms of this checkpoint of progress, there is still much to be done and more room for growth. In fact, with technology like this it’s safe to say that all of us will continue to grow endlessly.

It’s anyone’s game, and we hope you join us in it.


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